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Forgotten but unbroken is a tactical turn-based action game inspired by legendary Xcom and Silent storm in its unique way. It's about real-life heroes and elite units of WW2 forgotten in time. Recruit your soldiers, ask for help from your allies and manage your hidden base. 

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Real life heroes in WW2 are back!

There will be some heroes and elites of WW2 you can meet. The heroes will join your resistance organisation for limited period of time and help you out with your fight. The elites are enemy units forged in battle and last thing you want is to meet them during your mission. 

Impress your allies

Every action has a reaction. Your allies from west or east can support your efforts by providing weapons, ammunition, money or resources. They can even send you their best soldiers (heroes) to help you out. All depends on their impressions of your actions. Some actions can have nasty consequences. Choose wisely who you want to disappoint and who you want to please.

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Our Steam page is live

Wed Oct 5 2022

New game teaser is out!

Wed Aug 31 2022

Thanks Germany for perfect event!

Tue Aug 30 2022

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